Here’s Why Phones Remain Customers Primary Channel of Choice

Why VoIP Phone Service Are the Primary Channel of Choice

In today’s digital world, voice calls must be pushed to the background by other communication options like text and live chat, right? Actually, phone calls are still a major channel for customers who are trying to contact companies. Around 41 percent of customers prefer voice calls to other customer service channels. In 2022, 60 percent of customer care leaders reported growth in the total number of calls. 

Despite the rise of digital channels, phones remain the primary choice for many customers and contact centers. In this blog, we’ll explain why voice calling is still so popular and how a VoIP customer service focus can improve your business. 

The Human Touch 

It may sound like an unlikely cause, but the desire for human connection plays a significant role in why people still prefer voice calls. Voice calls provide a personal touch that digital channels often lack. As many as 74 percent of customers are loyal to a company that allows them to speak to a human representative rather than an automated system. Many people who need help simply want to speak to someone knowledgeable rather than sift through text-based conversations or forums. 

Clarity and Immediacy 

Clarity and immediacy are crucial factors in VoIP customer service for several reasons. Voice calls allow for clear communication where tone and intent are more easily discerned. This reduces misunderstandings and provides a more effective resolution of issues. Voice calls also offer immediate interaction, which is essential for urgent or complex issues that require quick resolution. Customers can get instant feedback and clarification without the delays that often accompany digital channels. 

Accessibility and Convenience 

Voice calls are close to universally accessible across demographics. For instance, older people that might have trouble finding their way around an online portal are comfortable making calls. Plus, some people find calls more convenient, since they allow for multitasking. A contact center that offers a quick response time can usually answer questions much more quickly than other digital options.  

Voice Technology Advancements 

Voice calling is better than it once was. Technological advancements in voice calling have made call quality much better than before, and new features have been added. For instance, new features like voice isolation have been introduced, which block out ambient noise during calls to prioritize the clarity of your voice. For VoIP calls, strategies like upgrading internet plans and setting up virtual local networks have been adopted to improve call quality. 

What Does Voice Call Popularity Mean for You? 

Despite the growing popularity of digital channels, phone calls remain a primary choice for many customers when it comes to contacting companies for customer service. Advantages like human connection, clarity, immediacy, accessibility, convenience, and voice technology advancements are key reasons why some of your customers still prefer voice calls over other options.  

While digital channels like text-based and automated channels have their benefits, they also have their limitations. These limitations include reduced personalization, increased potential for misunderstandings, and slower response time. As technology continues to evolve, voice technology is expected to become even more advanced, making voice calls an even more effective and efficient VoIP customer service channel.  

Though other options will continue to grow, it’s unlikely that voice will go away soon. Don’t treat voice calling like a dinosaur waiting to go extinct. Rather, integrate newer options like text and live chat into your contact center offerings as a way to complement strong VoIP customer service. 

Stay Connected with the Future of Communication 

Discover how our VoIP solutions are revolutionizing customer interactions. Embrace the flexibility, mobility, and advanced features that keep phones at the forefront of business communication. Don’t let outdated voice technology hold you back. 

Upgrade to a VoIP customer service system and ensure your business remains the primary choice for customers. Contact NTouchTel to learn more about how you can offer high-quality voice calling at your contact center today. 


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