Everything You Need to Know about VoIP Phone Installation

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Moving to VoIP is no longer an option. As landlines, called plain old telephone systems, or POTS, become obsolete, the time has come to transfer your business phone systems to reliable and scalable systems that operate within broadband technology. The switch to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an absolute must, and the next logical step is hiring a system installation service.  

Why You Should Choose VoIP Installation Services  

A primary reason that companies choose VoIP is the reliability of the system’s network capabilities.  Harvard Business Review mentions that VoIP is an excellent choice when accelerating competition in the hyperdrive of modern markets.  

  • Cost Effective: Service experts estimate that the average cost of installing a POTS phone system for 12 employees is $2,500. The average VoIP service is a fraction of this cost, making it a prominent selection for most businesses, to the point where less than 20 percent of companies now rely exclusively on traditional phone systems.
  • Faster Connection: VoIP transfers calls over a broadband connection, allowing your team to use a network connection to make calls. You can reliably send large data packets with the rapid link and lifting power to carry data loads.  
  • Better Performance: VoIP has third-party app synchronizing capabilities that other phone systems do not have because of this, you can elevate your business performance and carry out complex tasks without switching out of your phone system, a driver of speed and satisfaction among teams and clients. 

Everything You Need to Start VoIP Installation   

Capturing the full value of VoIP installation can be realized through hiring a hosted phone solution to oversee our VoIP installation process. When hiring a hosted phone solution provider, you can expect some typical costs and set-up procedures to be included.  

Costs Included in VoIP Installation   

The typical costs of VoIP Installation vary on a per-service basis. Still, they will usually include the cost of establishing the software in the team’s business administration setup and any associated handsets, headsets, or structured cabling services. While this price can vary, it is much cheaper than installing a landline system.  

A Typical Setup Process   

VoIP installation is a pain-free process. The kind of VoIP software NTouchTel.com establishes centers around headsets, handsets, and structured cabling. Headsets and handsets allow you to pair the software with a more traditional phone setup to integrate your phone tools fully and comfortably into your office space. Structured cables are installed in a communications box within the office space and provide backups for call connectivity.  

Choosing Handsets and Headsets    

We at NTouchTel.com offer a variety of Yealink devices to set you up with top-quality hardware to pair with our RVAVoIP4U system, ensuring the best quality connection results. Choosing a handset and a headset for each employee is important, as a substantial portion of VoIP installation cost is included in this process.  

Integrating with Third-Party Apps    

Once you have installed your VoIP system, you can synchronize your call, text, and email functions with third-party apps to universalize your user experience. When streamlined via a solid VoIP installation process, the third-party apps will elevate your team’s working performance by 67 percent.

Training Team Members   

With softphones in place and the third-party apps integrated, you can start training team members on the new systems. Softphones are easy to use, and systems training requires minimal effort. Call monitoring is in place so managers can monitor calls and ensure that call policies and good customer service practices are followed throughout the call process to improve call quality.  

Get the Best Experience with Your Next VoIP Installation—Here’s What to Expect  

The team of NTouchTel.com has been in the business of modernizing phone systems for 16 years. As a smaller telecommunications company, we recognize small businesses’ needs. Our customer service brings you into the NTouchTel.com family as we guide you step-by-step in installing our RVAVoIP4U systems and integrating hardware.  

How the Process Works 

When NTouchTel.com is the hosted phone service to oversee your VoIP installation, you can expect the onboarding process and services to take a similar path to what follows:  

  • A Consultation Call: First, we will set up a call with you at your convenience to talk with you about your business needs and all the specific processes that will go into setting up shop for you.  
  • The Installation Process: Next, we will come to your facility and establish any physical hardware accompanying your new RVAVoIP4U softphone system. This will include adding to the Yealink handsets and headsets of your choice.  
  • Onboarding and System Training: Our team will be there with you step-by-step as your company gets oriented to your system, providing launch guidance as you incorporate your new softphone into your regular business processes. We will be there if your team’s management needs guidance through your onboarding process.  

Take Off with a Scalable System from NTouchTel.com 

Our team at NTouchTel.com will provide around-the-clock support as you kick off your new and improved business operations with the personalized experience of the RVAVoIP4U softphone systems. Reach out to us today to learn how easy it is to switch to RVAVoIP4U today.


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