5 Reasons Your Business Needs VoIP This Year

5 Reasons You Need VoIP for Business This Year

Business communication has never been more critical than it is today. The pendulum has swung too far, causing people to feel isolated, but the shift has begun to swing back to the importance of voice and connectedness. According to PwC, 82 percent of people want a human touch when interacting with your business, and meeting your customers where they need you will keep them coming back.  

VoIP for Business Is a Gateway to Simpler Communication 

The beauty of VoIP for business is that it isn’t just one thing – it’s multifaceted. You can start slowly and keep your current hardware but only upgrade the voice lines. Or you can go all in at once and get a platform that upgrades every aspect of your communication needs. The need to upgrade isn’t just for the sake of upgrading; it’s to simplify your operation and reduce the costs of your business communications, opening yourself up to a more sophisticated way of conducting business. 

The Ways VoIP Works for Your Business 

The typical business improvements tend to cost more or remove something that you used to be able to do, which is a tough change for employees and customers alike. However, unlike other upgrades, VoIP for business takes that ugly tradition and throws it away. You only gain features, flexibility, and avenues of communication that will make your business more efficient, translating to happier, more loyal customers. NTouchTel is the provider you need to show you the way.  

1. Cost Reduction 

The copper ways of the past are over. You are no longer forced to use a provider based on location and pay high prices simply due to the lack of other options. Using VoIP for business also reduces separate bills for multiple connections: internet, fax, and business lines. Small businesses can reduce installation costs by up to 90 percent and ongoing costs by up to 50 percent. Those are substantial cost reductions, and in this unpredictable economy, any savings, especially with numbers like those, are something to consider. 

2. Enhanced Scalability 

Your business ebbs and flows, and sometimes not as you would expect. With traditional copper phone lines, if you need to add lines based on unexpected volume increases, waiting for the phone company to send someone could take a week or more, which is unacceptable and can be costing you money due to lost business. With VoIP for business, your system scales as your business scales, with no complicated 3rd party interactions and time delays; your capacity increases in the moment to meet the need. Talk about a weight lifted.  

3. Mobility and Security 

Mobility options are great, but not all businesses embrace remote working, and that’s okay. When discussing mobility, it needs to be a part of your business continuity plan. You will be ready if disaster strikes: power outages, inclement weather, health concerns, and those needing to take care of your customers can be ready despite location. Knowing your calls and communications are secure and can be accessed by authorized personnel from anywhere takes your business options to the next level. 

4. Consistent Innovation and Reliability 

The arrow in your quiver is knowing you are not locked into a product that has stopped updating or needs extensive upkeep to function. You are adding a service that is evolving and constantly improving. By switching to VoIP for business, you are future-proofing your business communications and locking in access to exciting innovations of tomorrow. Seventy-seven percent of employees surveyed said their favorite feature is Find Me/Follow Me. 

Due to the redundancies natively built into the cloud infrastructure that powers VoIP, you will be well-positioned to see a reduction in downtime. Construction outside your business accidentally cuts your internet connection; no problem with advanced call routing your calls will roll automatically to cell phones or another location based on your business. Always be there for those who need you.  

5. Avoid PSTN Shutdown Disruptions 

The copper lines that have run our communication infrastructure for over 100 years will end in 2025. The rising cost of maintaining the lines, the deregulation from the FCC, and the reliability of VoIP have caused the discontinuation of PSTN lines. That’s okay because you are moving to VoIP for business ahead of the shutdown and will be well-established in the technology when that time comes. 

VoIP for Business is the Clear Investment Opportunity, and NTouchTel Can Help 

You are running a successful business and need options to increase productivity and reduce costs. Luckily, you have come to the right solution in VoIP for business, and partnering with NTouchTel will make that move even better. We are a service provider and a networking powerhouse with incredible customer support. Contact NTouchTel today to design a solution built for you. 


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