The Connection Between VoIP and Exceptional Customer Service

VoIP customer service

Customer service is more than a box to tick – it’s a game-changer and serves as the “secret sauce” for guaranteeing lifelong customers, and recent data from Khoros makes it hard to dispute that statement. The reputable organization found that 86 percent of customers will turn into long-term brand champions if your business provides exceptional customer service. For today’s consumers, it is more than just the product you offer; it is about feeling seen and heard. The difference? It’s everything. Your customers crave meaningful engagement, and nailing customer service isn’t simply good practice; it is the secret sauce to earning loyalty. 

You might be wondering how you can improve customer service for your business. Without further ado, we introduce VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, a modern communication option that companies can utilize to improve various areas of their organization, including customer service. Below, we will explore the benefits and the connection between VoIP and exceptional customer service

VoIP Customer Service Features That Make the Difference   

Exceptional customer service is about crafting an experience that resonates with customers on a personal level, something they remember once they go about their day and disconnect from your brand. It starts with genuine engagement, actively listening to their needs, and promptly addressing concerns. Empowering your agents to provide this level of customer service means providing them with the call features they need and the training to succeed.  
The following features of a VoIP phone system work together to elevate your team’s customer service by providing you with the tools to automate incoming requests while best caring for customer calls with live agents:  

  • Analytics and Reporting: This tool provides a detailed report on how the phone system is being used. With it, managers can see when there are high call times, and these analytics help managers make staffing and training decisions. 
  • Auto Attendants: Auto attendants can help direct customers to the correct department quickly, as well as give answers to FAQs customers may have.  
  • Call Monitoring: Call monitoring allows managers to listen to their employees’ customer calls so they can track their performance and better the customer service provided.  
  • Call Recording: Call recording is great for training purposes. Also, recorded calls come in handy to verify information.  
  • Call Routing and Queuing: With complete control over which phone rings when, you can ensure your customers are being taken care of quickly and appropriately. 
  • Interactive Voice Monitoring: Interactive Voice Monitoring will engage your customers with voice-assisted services while your agents are busy elsewhere in the call pipeline. This computer-operated voice interacts with your customers, guiding them through service requests where they come to a voice or keypad response to receive the help they want.  
  • Integration with CRM and Third-Party Apps: Synchronize your CRM base with our third-party apps to align all your tools in one place. This way, you can visually track all the data surrounding a customer and instantly respond to their service needs.  

Customer experience, or CX, is a leading driver of business growth in today’s market. By incorporating the above tools, your VoIP automates and engages the customers in a way that supports their basic requests, streamlines uncommon requests, and delights them with the speed and efficiency of the process.   

Empower Your Customer Experience with    

Your customer service should be anything but mediocre. With the modern phone systems that provides, you will engage your customers in the experience of a lifetime, ensuring that they feel seen, heard, and advocated in a way that is otherwise impossible without the tools to outpace competitors. Reach out to our team today to transform how you do business communications and revolutionize your customer engagement strategy. 


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