3 Pain Points VoIP Immediately Solves for Your Business

VoIP user happy for the VoIP Business Solutions he gets to his business

Have you ever wished there was a quick fix for your communication woes? You’re not alone – most of us hunt for the same thing. And while no solution can solve all your problems all at once, VoIP business solutions can come close.   

Switching to a VoIP phone system can eliminate three of your biggest corporate pain points. And it can do it instantly.   

Let’s prove it.  

Pain Point #1: High Phone Bills  

Your typical phone system runs on copper lines (POTS lines for short). Thanks to several recent developments, it’s getting harder—and more expensive—to keep traditional systems up to date. This is especially true since the FCC ruled that large, copper-based carriers could charge what they wanted for POTS lines. Between the maintenance charges, long-distance fees, and part replacements, the costs quickly add up.  

VoIP business solutions practically eliminate those financial concerns. Because it runs on your existing internet connection, you don’t have to pay massive long-distance charges or fees to help maintain your copper lines. For one flat rate, VoIP business solutions give you:  

  • Local and long-distance calling 
  • Easy integration with other important business tools (CRMs, project management platforms, etc.) 
  • Automatic upgrades and maintenance from a team of experts  

When you work with NTouchTel, your bills are always easy to understand and transparent. No more fluctuating pricing or wondering what a particular charge is for. No wonder most businesses can save up to 35 or 50 percent when they switch to VoIP.  

Pain Point #2: Limited Scalability  

Many of us remember the days of manually adding new users. It involved quite a bit of wiring, plugging, and calling the phone company for assistance. It wasn’t just time-consuming; it was quite expensive. With old phone systems, growth was a pain, not a joy.  

But with VoIP business solutions, you can quickly expand your business without worrying about the “how” and “how much.” Here’s how:  

VoIP business solutions don’t require physical wiring.   

All you must do to add new users is create a new account in an online portal. Then ship them their new VoIP phone. With NTouchTel, you may not even have to do that! Our softphone app can transform any computer or mobile device into a secure business line.  

VoIP business solutions don’t have to be used inside an office.   

Because they work over the internet, your employees can make and take calls from any city, state, or country with their existing data plans. Now, you don’t have to be tied to a physical location! You can hire remote employees and embrace a hybrid schedule with ease. This keeps your employees happy and allows you to support and serve more customers.  

VoIP business solutions don’t have a limited set of features.  

With more traditional phone systems, you need to download additional software and install extra hardware to get features like call forwarding, auto-attendant, and voicemail to email. But VoIP solutions from NTouchTel already have all these features – and more – built-in! When your call volumes rise and your team gets overwhelmed, you can handle it! You can stay effective as you grow through customized call routing, advanced auto-attendants, and hand-picked hold music.  

Pain Point #3: A Lack of Measurable Metrics  

With older systems, the only people with insights into your call data are the system provider and maybe your technician. For the longest time, companies had to make decisions “in the dark.”   

Thankfully, VoIP systems changed that. VoIP business solutions from NTouchTel give you access to all kinds of important communication metrics, such as:  

  • Call Volume and Distribution: Keep an eye on the number of calls you make and receive. Note when these calls happen most often. This will help you identify your busiest days and times and staff accordingly, so no calls are missed.  
  • Call Duration and Quality: Measure how long your calls last and how reliable the connection is. Dropped calls, delays, or poor sound quality may need to tweak a few network settings. Longer-than-average handling times could mean customers are confused, a process must be fixed, or your agents need more training.   
  • Customer Engagement: Analyzing your call patterns helps you improve your customer’s experience with your business. Customers typically like fast, human-centric responses and don’t want to be put on hold. So, if you notice more calls being put on hold than usual or more callers hanging up before speaking to an agent, you can take steps to improve.  

Solve Your Biggest Pain Points Today with NTouchTel  

Our VoIP business solutions have what it takes to eliminate these pain points and chip away at even more. With NTouchTel’s VoIP business solutions, you get a communication system that can meet your needs and exceed your expectations no matter how large you grow. Ready to experience better communication for less? Contact us today. 


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