5 Reasons to Switch to a Cloud Hosted Phone System 

cloud hosted phone system

Have you been thinking about upgrading your communication infrastructure? Cloud hosted phone systems are all the buzz right now. Businesses in every industry are running to make the switch to this technology, so if you are wondering if you should jump in the wagon too, you’ve come to the right place.  

These modern communication solutions utilize the power of the internet and cloud technology to manage and route phone calls, but that’s not all. Below we’ll give you the five main advantages of cloud-hosted phone systems that have people making the switch.   

1. Cost Efficiency and Scalability  

Traditional phone systems can usually rack up a business’s budget, and those hefty expenses often extend beyond the initial hardware purchase. Maintaining hardware, regular maintenance, and unpredictable long-distance charges can also be added.  

This is where the power of cloud hosted phone systems comes into play. Cloud telephone systems can trim initial costs for startup businesses by roughly 90%. By shifting to a cloud-based communication solution, businesses no longer need to spend thousands on equipment. Cloud-hosted systems operate virtually.  

Imagine a communication setup requiring no server rooms, bulky PBX boxes, and extensive wiring installations. Cloud hosted phone systems rely on off-site data centers to handle the technicalities. But that’s not all.  

These systems are scalable, meaning that your business can easily grow with it as it grows. Whether expanding your team or branching into new markets, scaling your communication infrastructure becomes seamless. The ability to add or remove lines, features, and users on demand ensures that you’re paying only for what you need when you need it.   

2. Flexibility and Remote Work  

In a world where work is becoming increasingly decentralized, the concept of fixed office space is evolving. We now have remote and hybrid work to consider when thinking of a business’s success. By 2025, 32.6 million Americans will work remotely by 2025.  

Cloud hosted phone systems play a huge role in this transition to a workforce that needs to be able to be fully mobile. It offers your employees the flexibility to no longer be tied to their desks and to have their productivity no longer constrained by the walls of an office. Cloud hosted phone systems enable your workforce to transcend geographical limitations. With an internet connection, your team can collaborate, connect, and contribute from virtually anywhere.  

Moreover, integrating mobile devices merges business communication with the modern lifestyle. Cloud hosted phone systems embrace the devices your employees already carry, transforming them into powerful tools for productivity. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, these devices become extensions of your communication infrastructure, ensuring that critical business calls are never missed.  

Did you know: cloud-based phone calling was invented in 1995 to save money on long-distance calls

3. Advanced Features and Integration  

Possibly one of the best things about cloud hosted phone systems is that they do much more than just help you make and receive calls. They come packed with advanced features to make communication better and more accessible for their users. Just to mention a few examples, voicemail-to-email functionality ensures voicemail messages are conveniently delivered to users’ email inboxes, guaranteeing that important messages are always within reach, even when they’re away from the office. Call forwarding extends communication flexibility by enabling the redirection of calls to designated numbers. At the same time, auto-attendants provide a personal touch, guiding callers to specific departments or individuals through automated menus.  

Conversely, integration means you can keep using all the tools you already use, as they can easily integrate with a cloud hosted phone system. Other communication apps like Teams, Zoom, and CRM platforms can add to your cloud phone experience.   

4. Reliability and Business Continuity  

Cloud systems have changed the concept of communication reliability by implementing robust redundancy and failover mechanisms. Instead of relying on a single physical infrastructure, these systems use multiple data centers, ensuring that if one center experiences issues, another seamlessly takes over. This redundancy minimizes the risk of downtime, allowing for uninterrupted communication.  

A defining strength of cloud hosted phone systems is how they aid in business continuity. Unforeseen events – from natural disasters to power outages – can disrupt operations and compromise communication. Cloud systems, however, act as a fortress against such disruptions. Ninety-six percent of businesses can fully restore their operations after a data loss incident if they have disaster recovery solutions, such as having their data backed up by the cloud. By housing communication data off-site, they provide a safety net that ensures communication remains operational even when local infrastructure is compromised.   

5. Enhanced Customer Experience  

A recent report showed that customer experience leaders across all industries have 2X greater revenue growth than their peers, and this has been consistent since 2016. It’s in the numbers; having enhanced customer service capabilities places your business ahead of the competition. A cloud phone system elevates customer engagement through features designed to leave lasting impressions and foster meaningful connections.  

Personalized greetings, for example, set the tone for positive interactions. Cloud systems empower businesses to tailor initial messages to reflect their brand personality, ensuring callers are met with a warm and professional welcome. Call routing is another game-changer, ensuring that callers are directed to the right department or individual swiftly and efficiently. This saves customers time and minimizes frustration, leading to a smoother and more gratifying interaction.  

Ready to Switch Over to a Cloud Hosted Phone System?  

Don’t miss out on the game-changing benefits of a cloud phone system. Upgrade your business communication today with NTouchTel.com‘s reliable and feature-rich solutions; experience seamless connectivity, enhanced collaboration, and cost-effective scalability. Make the switch and propel your business to new heights with NTouchTel.com’s cloud phone systems! 


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