Keep Your Business Protected With Our Cloud Surveillance Security Cameras

Businesses are often vulnerable to outside threats, but NTouchTel has the perfect solution to keep your business safe even when you are not there. Discover the power of VoIP surveillance security cameras. 

Check out our Alibi Camera Systems!

We have been helping keep businesses safe for years now providing business owners with a feature-rich security solution that allows them to keep their business safe from wherever they are thanks to our VoIP Technology. Get some extra peace of mind for your business by installing one of our ALIBI surveillance cameras. 


Keep An Eye on Your Business

Our VoIP security camera technology provides the convenience of receiving real-time notifications on your phone whenever an intruder is detected. You can also view the live feed from the camera to identify who or what might be triggering your security system. This ensures that you stay informed about any suspicious activity happening in your premises, even when you’re away. Our surveillance system is: 


View live or recorded video from anywhere, at any time. Know that you’ll always be able to count on your security cameras.


Your people and your business mean a lot to you. Rest assured that they are protected by keeping an eye on them.

Proof when you need it

Your surveillance cameras will grant you court-admissible video evidence of any incident.


Get technical support & a quick-and-easy installation process that'll up and running in no time.

Features That Enhance Your Security

Experience an advanced surveillance system

We have designed our state-of-the-art video surveillance systems, focusing on providing an exceptionally user-friendly experience. 

Smart Features

Our cameras are equipped with smart features that enhance their functionality and ensure quality video feed, as well as simplified maintenance for the security administrator.


Intelligent analytics help you analyze video footage so you can gain valuable insight. Features such as facial recognition and object detection help you identify specific individuals or objects of interest.

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