Transform Reseller Partnerships with NTouchTel’s Profit-Boosting Approach

Transform Reseller Partnerships with NTouchTel's Profit-Boosting Approach

[Richmond, Virginia] – NTouchTel, a leading local provider of business communication solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its reseller program. Our primary objective is to ensure each partner receives the same intentional, small-town support their customers know and love.  

“At NTouchTel, we understand just how important quality resellers can be to our business,” says Richard Nuckols, CEO at NTouchTel. That’s why we’ve taken a transformative approach with our reseller program—– one that prioritizes collaboration, support, and profitability for each partner.”  

Unlike traditional reseller models, which prioritize quantity over quality, the NTouchTel Reseller Program is built on mutual respect and shared success. We recognize that our resellers are more than just numbers – they are individual companies with unique needs and aspirations. NTouchTel hopes to empower our resellers to thrive in today’s competitive market by focusing on personalizing our support and offering tailored solutions.  

Some key highlights of the NTouchTel Reseller Program include:  

  • A comprehensive support system: From dedicated account managers to round-the-clock technical assistance, we provide the resources resellers need to excel.  
  • Better profit margins: Our pricing structure ensures that resellers not only earn more but also enjoy better financial stability.  
  • Direct access: Resellers can contact us at any time via phone, text, or email to voice any questions or concerns, and they will get the help they need.  

“We’ve seen the power of healthy partnerships, and we’re committed to making each reseller feel valued every step of the way,” added Richard, “With the NTouchTel Reseller Program, resellers can trust that they’re not just another cog in the machine – they’re an integral part of our extended family.”  

For more information about NTouchTel’s reseller program and how to join, please check out our website or contact us at (804) 848-2010 or 

About NTouchTel:  

NTouchTel is a locally owned and operated communication service provider, serving businesses of all sizes by providing innovative technologies and unparalleled support since 2007. With a commitment to excellence, NTouchTel wants every business to have the communication they deserve. 


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