At NTouchTel, we set a high standard of service while keeping the cost of owning a communications system low. We don’t just sell you a product; we work with your business to define your communication needs and then develop a solution to meet them. From the evaluation stage to post-installation, NTouchTel is committed to providing the best customer service to our clients. We will work with any service carrier to ensure our customers get the best rates and services available. Our services include a free communications evaluation, unbeatable maintenance contracts, as well as delivery and installation. Full descriptions of our services are listed below.


Free Communications Evaluation

We will come to your office to evaluate your current telephone system and dial tone solution. We can then recommend a telecommuting solution that will fit your business needs.


Digital/VOIP Phone System Installation

NTouchTel will deliver and install your new digital/VOIP telephone system. We stand behind our installations with a minimum of one-year service warranty. After installation, we offer two weeks of free program changes to help you adjust to your new telecommunication system.


Maintenance Contracts

We offer maintenance contracts for your digital telephone systems, VOIP phones and other telecom products.


Phone and Data Cabling

In order to have the most efficient telecommunications network, you need to build a cabling infrastructure for phone and data systems. We can add or upgrade existing installations to distribute infrastructure throughout other offices. We offer structure cabling for phone, data, coax and closed circuit TV systems.


VOIP Dial Tone

Every phone system must have “dial tone” available for the system to place phone calls. VOIP dial tone (sometimes referred to as VOIP trunks or SIP trunks) is simply phone service provided over the Internet. VOIP dial tone is provided via SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) which is a standard way for voice communications to be moved over computer networks. NTouchTel can set up your VOIP dial tone and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking.


T1/PRI Dial Tone

NTouchTel works with multiple carriers to provide you with the most cost-effective solution for your company. We will handle all aspects of T1/PRI dial tone installation, giving your business the luxury of dealing with one point of contact instead of several different vendors.


Phone:  804 . 412 . 2010 and

717 . 866 . 4740


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